tea at the V&A

I lived in London for quite a few years and although the V&A museum was always on my list of must-visit places, I never managed to go until yesterday, when Moonpenny and I met up for one of our not-frequent-enough-for-my-liking days out.  We intended to browse a few inspirational exhibitions in the few hours we had available but what actually happened was that as soon as we were inside the V&A, we went to the cafe for tea and it was two swift hours before we moved in the direction of the museum shop and then a costume display. At around 2.30pm we headed back to the cafe for a late lunch and we were amongst the last customers to leave, shortly before 5pm. So we had a lot to talk about, OK? Anyway, for me the V&A was just an extra bonus to a day out with Moonpenny! I can go back to the V&A anytime but I can’t always meet up with a friend.


I often think I do decent craft work until I see workmanship like this!  I didn’t take note of the fashion house designer but the name on the display card ought to have been that of the person who actually stitched it. I would love to have gotten inside the display cabinet with a magnifying glass for a much closer look.


2 Responses to “tea at the V&A”

  1. tearoomdelights Says:

    What a lovely way to spend a day!

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