I like them, thank you!

A daily routine for me is to check my google emails (none), check my yahoo emails (all adverts or spam), read the latest posts of blogs I follow and then check my own blog to see if anyone’s had a browse. Most days no-one has but this morning I almost jumped out of my seat when I saw a WordPress notification that I’d had 100 likes! Yikes! At first, I thought it was 100 likes for my post about the health benefits of Sauvignon Blanc but it actually referred to the blog itself and I was suddenly quite relieved. Had they all been for the SB post, they would have been unwarranted. I mean, getting a ‘like’ is a bit like being given a credit, isn’t it? And since I didn’t actually write the piece myself, I would have been taking 100 credits for what someone else wrote.  I have never thought any post of mine was good enough to get anywhere near 10 likes never mind 100, but  collecting ‘likes’ is not what I began this blog for.

Contemplative pause here to try to remember just why I did begin blogging……..
It might have been because it seemed that ‘everyone else’ was doing it and I was curious to see if I could do it too. It might have been because I thought someone out there might actually read and enjoy my blog. Perhaps I just wanted to knock on the door of the blogging world and see if anyone would acknowledge my existence (and thanks to those of you who did!). Perhaps it was all of those things and more but no matter what the reasons, I’ve enjoyed the journey so far and can’t think of a reason to stop. I like sharing my crafty things and posting photos and if you credit me with an occasional ‘like’ or two, that’s good too. Thanks to all of you who’ve given me a ‘like’ so far. I hope you’ll continue to like what I post!

I don’t normally wear fussy necklines but I thought this dull cardigan neckline needed something to brighten it so last night I crocheted a length of double shell trim for it.


I like it when people write to me

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