shredding a past life

is what it felt like I was doing this afternoon. I came across a payslip from my last employment which, now that JP and I are both pensioneers*, I don’t need to keep any more. That started the ball rolling and ten minutes ago, after nearly two and a half hours, I had gone through all the paperwork that I had previously considered essential to keep for at least a year or more. Payslips were included and it was good to ditch them all into the shredder along with a couple of years worth of bank and credit card statements, out-dated insurance policies, and anything else that is no longer necessary for the smooth running of this pensioneer household.

After an hour or so, the shredder decided not to play properly but since it’s never been lubricated since we bought it about ten years ago,  it was no surprise. Sewing machine oil applied to a sheet of A4 paper and fed through the shredder jaws in forward and reverse modes did the trick, and it now runs faster than it has for a long time. The only problem now is that I fed it so much paper altogether that it over-heated and refused to work again. Hopefully it just needs a cool-down and will be fine tomorrow for my next batch of shredding. I’ve decided to shred more often than in the past and just to remind me of that, the shredder now has a permanent place in the work room.


* JP came up with the word  ‘pensioneer’  the other day and thinks that it’s much better than ‘pensioner’ so we’re going to refer to ourselves as pensioneers from now on. Makes us sound somewhat frivolous, dontcha think? I’m all for frivolity these days, there just isn’t enough of it around.

2 Responses to “shredding a past life”

  1. e1aine Says:

    I keep this stuff FOREVER. I need a clear out! Must be liberating I think.

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