creative block

I finished the crochet throw in time for Ms P’s birthday which was last week and since then I’ve been lacking inspiration (or motivation – I can’t decide which) for a new project. I’ve been doing a lot of tidying and sorting which is all good but hasn’t led to anything craftwise.

When I was working, I always seemed to have loads of ideas for things I wanted to make and finding the time to do them was the difficulty. Now it’s the other way round. Is this creative block?  If so, how to deal with it? Lots of advice out there on the web no doubt. Perhaps I need to think out of the box. Make a list. Do something completely different. Make another list. Visit a craft shop or two. Don’t do anything remotely craft related for a week. (No, can’t quite see that one working.) Get the Bernina repaired and then if quilting or machine embroidery becomes the project of choice, I’ll be able to start on it right away. (The 6th months old Bernina has been making knocking noises for a while so it’s going back to the shop this week.)

The trick about having a creative block I suppose is not to let it worry me and just ‘go with the flow’ until that leads me somewhere more productive. Until then, or until I find something else to post about, the following photographs are of Ms P’s throw, the sunrise a few days ago, and an animal hair brush which I use to gather thread ends and woolly strands, and dislodge tiny runaway beads from my workroom carpet when I can’t be bothered to drag that smug-faced vacuum cleaner out of the cupboard. I wouldn’t be without this little brush these days – it’s a brilliant piece of kit.



2 Responses to “creative block”

  1. ThePetitkitchen Says:

    My, I recognise that throw. It’s beautiful, thankyou so much, I was waiting until in person to say so, but I’m not sure when I shall be round in the next few weeks! It’s been keeping me very warm while typing away at night, Thanks again!

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