JP drove me and the Bernina to the sewing machine shop this morning and then he left for home while I lugged the machine into the shop. I placed it on the counter top, explained the problem to the man and waited while he plugged it in and ran it until he too could hear the knocking noise. (Huge feelings of relief from me at that point – what if he hadn’t heard it?) He then said he would have to telephone Bernina for advice on how to repair it so I left my name, home phone number and the machine in what I hoped were his very capable hands, expecting a call in a few days.

My shopping list this morning included the purchase of a tatting needle although I had no great expectations of finding one. There are only two shops in this town that might have had any but both were out of stock, both claiming to normally stock them, and both adding that they didn’t know if and or when they’d get any more in. Would I like to ask again next week? Probably not since the two shops are at opposite ends of the town and I don’t go to town every week. My last hope before resorting to online shopping (where they also seem to be in short supply!), will be the Hobbycraft store in the next town but I haven’t found any in their online catalogue so I’ll probably be out of luck there too. Tatting can be done with a shuttle or even with fingers alone but a tatting needle is similar to a crochet hook except with a large eye at one end and I’m fairly adept with a crochet hook so I’d really like to try needle tatting. I didn’t get far with the shuttle and as one who was never able to create a cat’s cradle from string, have not even attempted the finger method.

A few hours later I was in The Works, debating whether to buy a bag of small polystyrene eggs and yet more wool (yes to both!) when JP rang to say that the machine shop had phoned, and my Bernina was ready for collection! Obviously nothing too major to repair then!  The sewing machine man subsequently told me that Bernina have had other calls about the same problem with this model and when I asked what the source of the knocking had been, he told me that a pulley inside the machine had not been tightened sufficiently at the time of manufacture. I can’t mentally picture a pulley inside a modern electronic computerised sewing machine and I’ve never heard of a pulley being slack in any way but that’s what he said was faulty so I have to take him at his word and it really doesn’t matter what was wrong as it’s now fixed!

It’s lovely to have the 215 running smoothly once more. I’ve been reluctant to use it for a month or more (except for occasional essential repair work), just in case I caused additional damage, but having it back in full working order might just be enough to bust the creative block – I just had a flash of some free motion embroidery ideas then, now working their way in greater detail to the front of my brain… Fingers crossed!

2 Responses to “fixed!”

  1. e1aine Says:

    I’ve always fancied trying tatting, but it looks really hard!

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