the first of many?

My first tatted ring! I wasn’t able to buy a tatting needle yesterday but today I came across a tatting help sheet on the internet showing a tunisian crochet hook being used, so I tried that and I could put the stitches on okay but I couldn’t ‘crochet’ them off to make a basic ring. Then I remembered I had something that was close in form to a tatting needle inasmuch as it has an eye at one end and is consistent in diameter the whole length but minus the hook at the other end. I’ve no idea how or why I acquired it or what it was designed for but I tried it out and hey presto! I’ve got me a tatted ring! The cotton I used is what I bought to tie up joints of meat so it’s not what’s normally recommended for tatting but for practising, it’ll do just fine.




If you know what this metal rod thingy is meant to be used for, please let me know!




I watched a video through a mirror this morning so that I could better follow the instructions as a left-handed tatter and suddenly I wasn’t getting tied up in knots. Well, not quite so many granny ones as when I tried the right-handed way. Strangely, I crochet as a right handed person because that’s how big sis taught me and it feels right so it’s never really occurred to me to learn to do it left-handed.




I like it when people write to me

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