sleep and choices

On the BBC website, I completed a quiz on sleep patterns and then one on thinking styles, the results of which revealed that I am a spatial thinker (in the same category as Michelangelo no less), and that I might be suited to a career as a  mechanic, photographer, artist, architect, engineer, builder, or set designer. When I ran out of the school grounds for the last time, girls could not easily join the ranks of male-dominated professions like mechanics, engineering, and building, and equal pay was still the stuff of dreams. I didn’t fancy seven years studying to become an architect, although if I had, all my public buildings would have more than twice the number of female toilet cubicles that male architects seem to think is sufficient. As for being an artist
My narrow-minded father was of the oxymoronic opinion that the Glasgow School of Art was full of drop-outs (with long hair, beards, and who smoked pot all day) and no daughter of his was going to disgrace the family in a like manner. For the sake of family equanimity, I compromised and studied Textile Design at a college in the Scottish Borders. When I dropped out after a year and a term, I had extremely short hair (but no beard and didn’t smoke pot until much later) and my father’s bigotry had found another target so I was spared any vitriolic remarks.
I am the product of choices I’ve made throughout my life and I’m comfortable with most of them. Walking through the front doors of a civil service department in my twenties and not discovering the one-way exit route until last year has given me different options to those I might have had had I stood up to my father and gone to Art School after all and today’s quiz results made me ponder that ‘what if’ question once again. None of the answers to that question have ever kept me from sleeping soundly at night, which brings me back to why I began this post. If you have a spare ten minutes or so, have a go at the quiz  – just don’t take the results too seriously and especially, don’t lose any sleep over them!

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