jumping ship

Soooo long since I last posted!
At the beginning of the month I spent a week with big sis and she was delighted with Dave in Stitches which has now been framed and was waiting to be wall hung when I left.

Having waxed lyrical over the Bernina 215 after its purchase last July, I have had almost nine months to gradually change my mind. Don’t get me wrong – the 215 is a great little workhorse and it’s been just fine in general, but in recent months I’ve come to hate the vertical bobbin feed and the lack of stitch selection. I admit it, I made a serious error of judgement when I bought it. After researching on the net and trying a model or two, I jumped ship  nearly two weeks ago and part-exchanged the 215 for a Janome Memory Craft 5900QC. I’m happy once more. (Know anyone who needs 40 Bernina bobbins and a couple of feet?)

In a moment of madness, big sis and I decided to have a monthly sewing challenge. We’ve compiled a list of themes which we can interpret as we see fit. It must involve stitchery but any kind using any medium is acceptable and the finished article must be no bigger than A4 (minus a 1″ border all round).


This month’s theme was ‘showers’. My first ‘showers’ interpretation did not turn out as well as I had anticipated and has therefore been consigned to a dark cupboard, never to see the light of day again. It was a shame because my initial drawings led me to think that my idea would translate very nicely into free form machine embroidery with some hand sewn embellishment, but alas it did not. In the end I used it as a practice piece and got to know the Janome with it. Time was running out however but when I came across this illustration I thought that I might manage to do it some kind of stitchery justice and answer the brief. I kept it simple with machined appliqué and both hand and free motion machine embroidery. Next month’s challenge is flowers…

I like it when people write to me

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