hello again

Another age since I last posted and WordPress has changed the look of my blog menus meantime. What else has been done in my absence I wonder?

Last week I went to my second meeting of a monthly Janome owners club at my sewing machine shop.  There are about ten of us gathered round a large table for two hours and before we are brought to order, the first twenty minutes or so are noisy while those who know each other quite well spend time catching up. We are ladies of varying ages who make bags, weave, dressmake, quilt and a couple, like me, dabble in lots of things. At the latest meeting there was a fabric swap and I came home with a couple of remnants which I thought I could do something with but today, nearly a week later, I’ve only just remembered them and have no recollection of what I had in mind when I selected them!

June’s stitchy piece was ‘the sewing room’. Loosely based on a photograph I took of myself(!), it’s really only half done and it’s been staring at me over my sewing machine for several weeks, reminding me that it’s unfinished. I didn’t protect crayoned areas before stitching in other places so it looks grubby where the colours got smudged which made me unable to decide whether to finish it or start again completely. The best decision I came up with was to do neither! Before I put it away from the gathering dust, I thought I might as well show it here to let my fellow monthly stitchy compadre aka big sis, see it. The more I look at this, the more I see things that are just wrong, wrong, wrong!

the sewing room

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