an old wip

Had another tidy up the other day and put all but one of my stitchy samples and trials into plastic sleeves and then into a folder as they were beginning to acquire a layer of dust. This stitched attempt at a portrait remains my oldest work in progress. It’s been on the wall for a few months now and I really ought to get on with it but I keep forgetting to buy more grey threads. Poor excuse I know. There’s a lot done on it but many more hours of work still to do.

I was in Stroud the other week to look at an exhibition of ‘Magic’, pieces made by the Stroud branch of the Embroiderer’s Guild. The work on display was fantastic! Unfortunately, I have no photographs to show as the two ladies at the desk didn’t know if it was allowed for photographs to be taken so I didn’t, but what I saw there has me wondering whether I should join my own local branch of the EG. It’s all very well reading books and magazines and surfing the net for ideas and inspiration but it would be good to be able to meet with other like-minded folk and they give talks and run classes on various textile techniques. I used to think that the EG members sat around a table and did nothing but hand embroidery (apologies!) but I couldn’t have been more wrong. Have a look on the EG website if you’re interested. I’ve also been thinking about doing an online course in creative textiles or similar but the fees kinda made me gulp. The large financial outlay plus ongoing costs of materials during the course would be difficult to justify. Another back burner idea I think.

I like it when people write to me

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