hot day photographs

A few days ago I noticed a large thistle plant near my home. I didn’t manage to photograph it until yesterday, by which time it had been chopped down, hence the faded colours in the images below. I placed the cut portion against the hedge to take the photographs. I was on my way to keep fit class with time to spare so took the other photographs along the way.

faded thistle

thistle bud

thistle purple

sick tree

sick tree bark

bad hair day

hello sun



feathery fronds

I wish I knew the names all these plants/flowers/trees that I photograph! If you know, share the knowledge!

2 Responses to “hot day photographs”

  1. Anna Says:

    I do know the last one, well its common name anyway ‘smoke bush’ I had a beautiful one in my last garden – where we are now they drop dead every time I try.

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