not quite an oscar but…

After publishing my last post I switched to catching up with what other bloggers I follow had posted during my internet-free three day break. The first one I checked out was Elaine and discovered that she had been nominated for the Wonderful Team Membership award. Round of applause please. The rules of this award dictate that the nominee has to list 14 bloggers and to my surprise, I was on Elaine’s list. Me! Fancy that! Once I’d gotten over the initial shock and read her post several times just to make sure I wasn’t hallucinating, I realised that I was also now classed as an award nominee and had seven days in which to compile and post my own list. Yikes! I’m two days down at least already!

A list of 14 is easy enough to choose but my dilemma is that I don’t really understand the premise behind the actual award. Am I being nominated to become a member of a Wonderful Team? Or, will I have to lead a team? What will I have to do as a team member? Will I need to attend meetings and take minutes? Does commenting on a post make me a Wonderful Team Member of that blogger? Is it a team made up of me plus the blogs that I follow? Is it me and those who follow me who are in this team? Aarrgh! I really don’t know what this award is all about and I can’t seem to find out either. has nothing on me at this point in time. I googled WTM Award but all I got was a long list of links to blogs that had been nominated in the past. I wasn’t able to find anyone who had actually won the award and nor could I trace the award back to a source. I began to think that this award is just the latest reincarnation of a chain letter and I’ll admit immediately to being someone who has always broken such chains. Until now.

Why have I changed my mind this one time? Well, I don’t really care if I never find out who thought up this award or why, and I don’t care if I never win an award, blog related or otherwise, but some of the blogs I delight in reading I found on other bloggers’ blogrolls and since I don’t publish my blogroll anymore, I think that there’s nothing wrong in using this nomination process to give some free publicity (which does no-one any harm) to 14 blogs that I particularly enjoy, so thanks again for the nomination Elaine, and here’s my list:


Elaine of course! Her post will explain the rules of the award if you’re interested but she also makes some cool jewellery which is worth a look!

The Dissaranged Studio – Lauren Finley, artist.

Scribblah – an Art geek

Foxs Lane  – Aussie organic farmer and crafter

Danny Mansmith – fibre artist

Bekahdu – Art Quilter

The Petit Kitchen – food and wonderful photos to drool over

Gluten Free Girl and The Chef  – yummy food for coeliacs like me

Becky Says Things – wit and more with help from stickman

Anna Scott  – brilliant with a needle and thread

Moonpenny – a special crafting friend

Mostly Bright Ideas – American musings

Mrs Fringe – a peripheral life

Gardner’s World – It’s a mysterious world

I Know These Chimps – Imagination vomit

Yes, yes, there were actually fifteen in my list. Will I now be disqualified? Before I forget, I’m supposed to include the award icon in this post:

Wonderful Team Member Readership Award

2 Responses to “not quite an oscar but…”

  1. e1aine Says:

    Apologies, i’m not very well and haven’t actually notified my nominees. I think it is only fair that the time goes from when you are informed. I’m glad you had extra nominations, I don’t think it would be fair to disqualify for extra! Thanks for your kind words.

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