Quilter’s Express!

Forget the Hogwart’s Express, yesterday it seemed that big sis and I were on the Quilter’s Express as we took the train from Cheltenham to Birmingham. Almost every passenger was heading towards the NEC and the Festival of Quilts. Big sis and I hadn’t been to the quilt festival before and neither of us can be described as a quilter per se but anything stitchy has us interested and we were not disappointed.
We began our tour of the exhibition halls a little after 11am and didn’t leave until closing time at 5.30pm. Soooo many quilts and stalls to see and visit. Lots of ladies (us included) ooo-ing and aaa-ing over threads, books, fabrics, sewing notions and of course the quilts themselves! I took loads of photographs to remind myself of various effects, colour schemes and techniques and some just because I liked the quilts’ subject matter but I took too many to show them all here today so here are just a few. Sorry not to have added the quilter’s names but WordPress isn’t playing according to the rules today. My favourite quilt of all was ‘A Blog’ by Irene MacWilliam. For me it was such a simple idea executed with humour and expertise. Wish I’d thought of it myself!



2 Responses to “Quilter’s Express!”

  1. Liz Says:

    After a very liquid evening saying goodbye to a colleague, a friend and I are heading North tomorrow….will post my impressions.

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