new case, new foot

More free-motion machine embroidery, intended for use as the front of a new soft case for my reading specs but I was unhappy with the amount of puckering on the first (I was distracted by Colin Firth!) so did the second one with thinner padding and that was better. Or so I thought. I used an old specs case as my template but didn’t cut my fabric to the same size. I used it today but I don’t think there’s enough padding to protect the specs adequately when they sink to the bottom of my bag under the usual detritus, it’s a tad big and I didn’t like the quality of my hand stitching round the sides so I’m going to unpick the whole thing (apart fromt the embroidery which I quite like), put more padding between the embroidered fabric and the lining and make the whole thing smaller.

Not all sighing and harumphing today though, as I collected a new foot for my sewing machine which, after a test run this afternoon, promises to be better for free-motion embroidery than the one I currently use. The foot height is adjustable so it will sit closer to the fabric and be less bouncy than the other foot. That’s what I’m hoping for anyway …



2 Responses to “new case, new foot”

  1. e1aine Says:

    Who wouldn’t be distracted by Colin Firth?

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