is this a miracle?

I have a husband who thinks that walking is something you do only to get from A to B and that there is no pleasure to be gleaned from the activity itself, so it came as a huge surprise when he suddenly announced over the weekend that he’s planning to walk several times a week – deliberately. He’s decided that it’s time for him to spend less time sitting around and more time on the move. I offered to accompany him on his walks and was even more surprised when he agreed.

Walk number one took place this morning and we took a convoluted walk of an hour and a half to town and home again, along some streets unfamiliar to JP. As we walked we commented on the local architecture, wondered why a particular church required eight different roof sections, looked down into various concrete conduits that house our local river in places, pondered over where a long-gone railway line would have run, and stopped to buy curry leaves from an Asian supermarket we hadn’t been in before. When we arrived home, JP said that he had enjoyed the walk and as he poured us tea he was already discussing possible routes for tomorrow’s walk. Long may his enthusiasm (and the dry weather) continue.

Taken on today’s walk:




4 Responses to “is this a miracle?”

  1. Jay Says:

    How lovely to have a stroll around, a nice long walk is very calming I find – although I usually have to do it on my own!

  2. Allison Says:

    Well done that man, next thing he will be buying a dog!!

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