October challenge

Appropriately enough, this month’s stitchy challenge was Autumn, but I have to admit that I struggled with this one. I had ideas in abundance but found them awkward to put down on paper, never mind express in stitches. When I did finally commit to stitching, the ideas morphed into something quite different but at least I’ve actually made tangible things this month: I now have a new case for my specs and a bookmark, although the bookmark is less likely to be used since I mainly read from a Kindle these days. The third piece, begun at the weekend, is at the ‘not sure if this is worth developing any further’ stage and since big sis emailed to say that she had completed her Autumn piece but had also struggled with hers, I feel let off the hook somewhat so I’m throwing in the towel for this challenge.

1st piece – the specs case. It’s supposed to look like leaves blowing off the tree! Free-motion machine embroidered muslin and tiny pieces of felt on a cotton background. Hand embroidered seams using Palestrina (Double Knot) stitch.


2nd piece – the bookmark. A single leaf. Free-motion machine embroidered on a heavy duty water soluble fabric.



3rd piece – who knows what this will end up being? The leaves at the bottom are not yet (and may never be) attached. More free-motion machine embroidery  and appliqué with felt and cotton, and some done on water soluble fabric.DSCF9806

I like it when people write to me

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