silly little birds

Last week I came across a book on how to illustrate children’s books but the only thing I remember after a brief look was the recommendation that when you get an idea for a character, you should draw, draw, draw and keep drawing that same character until you can draw it inside out. I had been doodling some embroidery ideas for a bag front and when I got to the end of the page, I thought my leaf shapes looked a little like cartoony birds so this morning I took the idea further. The lines of birds were drawn from right to left but I’m not sure they improved along the way. I patently still can’t draw birds for toffee* but believe me, they look more like birds than any I’ve drawn in the past!


*I remember the phrase “I can’t (insert appropriate skill) for toffee” from my childhood but have never been able to figure out what relevance toffee had to not being able to do something. Do you know?

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