new mug rugs

I haven’t been doing much crafty stuff recently apart from still practising my drawing although not every day, and the only sewing I’ve done is to make new feather-filled cushions (messy but deliciously soft!) and to finally find a use for these free-motion embroidered squares I made months ago. I have a couple in the workroom now so there’s no excuse for tea stains or warped cutting mats any more. I made them reversible and they’re also washable which might be a bonus depending on how messy I am!

I’m off to not-so-sunny Scotland tomorrow for an activity-packed ten days with big sis and hope to return with fresh ideas for crafting. One of our outings is to see the complete Great Tapestry of Scotland as it’s on display at Cockenzie House so expect to see more photographs of that soon along with the usual rubbishy ones!

3 Responses to “new mug rugs”

  1. Eszter Says:

    Oh these are awesome! Love the colors too, but those trees!…. Amazing!

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