That Tapestry again

I intended to write some fabulous posts when I got home about my visit north of the border but here I am two weeks later, and all I’ve done is post a photo of Dave. Instead of blogging, I’ve been busy doing real-life stuff although if you asked me to specify what, I’d find it really difficult to say, so it obviously was nothing out of the ordinary. This morning however, as I sit here coughing and spluttering and heavy with cold, thanks to my generous elder son, I decided to sift through all the photos I took of the Great Scottish Tapestry and post a few for your delight and interest (or not, at the case may be).


Big sis and I had planned to see the tapestry at Cockenzie House near Prestonpans and then have a quick visit to the National Gallery back in Edinburgh but it was not to be. It took three train journeys with lengthy waits in between, followed by a three mile walk to the venue, not including an initial 15 minute walk in the wrong direction. There were no ‘find us’ instructions on the venue’s website and although we had studied a map before leaving home, the route seemed quite different in reality and we had to ask for directions twice. When we finally found the place, we headed straight to the tearoom and only after a much needed large pot of Earl Grey tea did we venture in to the exhibition itself.

I didn’t think that Cockenzie House was particularly suited for displaying the tapestry panels. It’s a 17th century manager’s house (although manager of what, the website does not say) and the majority of the rooms where the panels were hanging are not large enough for the panels to be admired from any distance. Some panels were also hung along corridors which made it even more difficult to see them comfortably. In its favour, small rooms meant that all visitors were able to get up close and inspect the panels in great detail if they wished.


While we were at Cockenzie House, I didn’t pass anyone who seemed to be younger than sixty. I’m not sure what that tells me so I won’t dwell on it.

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2 Responses to “That Tapestry again”

  1. Gardner's World Says:

    You really have captured some wonderful detail here. Happy Christmas!

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