water water everywhere

The heavy rain over the past few days combined with gale-force winds blowing from the south have resulted in water ingress to the balcony above us and water damage to three ceilings in our flat.  Repairs cannot be carried out until we have a reasonable dry spell. Yesterday, water was running down three walls and a persistent stacato of dripping water from the ceilings disturbed my zizzes time last night. In the early evening I hastily moved craft and electrical stuff out of the range of water drips in my work room and it looks like I’ve had a break-in. Ho Hum. Today, our bedroom curtains are wet but I’m leaving them hanging – where else can I put them to hopefully dry out? It could be much worse. At least we have power, can put jugs and containers out to catch the drips and turn on heating to dry out the plaster and the curtains and can see the funny side of it. No, actually, we haven’t been able to do that but at least I’m not stressing about it.

On a happier note, today is Christmas Eve and we will be having our traditional family meal this evening and exchanging gifts for opening tomorrow. I’ve been busy crafting gifts over the last three or so weeks but I can’t show you any until after the 25th. Must go now, potatoes to peel. Hope you have a good one!


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