silly little birds 2

I’ve been practising tambour embroidery on and off for a few weeks with more failures than successes. The first image below shows the most stitches I’ve managed to do in one sitting without snagging but of course as soon as I mentally realised that I hadn’t snagged thread for a while, it immediately snagged up with every stitch thereafter. Sooooooo frustrating. I’ve been using closely woven cottons and calico (plain muslin) up to now but the other day I bought ‘proper’ embroidery fabric with a more open weave and I think that might solve some of the snagging problems but I’m giving the tambour hook a rest for a day or two in favour of some more silly little birds, stitched in a redwork kind of style. These took hardly any time at all yesterday and were much easier than using a tambour hook!




2 Responses to “silly little birds 2”

  1. Allison Says:

    I like these, and tambour work looks fine.

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