2 ongoing wips

This is the bird box yet to be (or not to be). I should have made the interior cardboard box first and then made the fabric outer to size but I frequently do things the hard way and will now have to take the knife to interior box #1 and make it a tad smaller or start again. Embroidered felt birds lightly stuffed with silk fibres from an old quilt. Felt backing. French knots surrounding.


I succeeded in finding a copy of Sachiko Morimoto’s Stumpwork Flowers at my local library last Thursday and by Friday I thought that rather than just drool over the beautiful photographs of her work I should have a go at actually stitching one. Then I decided it might be nice to work through the book so I’ve ordered myself a copy! (All the reviews I’ve read for this book are correct – it’s fabulous and a must-have for anyone who likes to stitch!)
Starting with the first project, Clover, this is what I did yesterday evening. I’ve been buying embroidery threads for over forty years and have an abundant supply of colours so I was surprised when I couldn’t match any of the greens in my boxes to those on Sachiko’s list and since I don’t possess a DMC or Anchor colour chart I’m just going to choose the colours I think closely match what I can see in the photographs – as if some of these projects weren’t challenging enough!


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  1. birdie house | carvingtimefromlife Says:

    […] The box stands 4.5″ high at the gable end and the sides are 3″ square. The inner box is made from firm card covered with soft cotton fabric and then stitched to the felt. I also added a wire frame to give stability before stitching the felt on. You can see the original design and all four sides here. […]

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