drawstring purse

Yeah, yeah, I know I’ve two other things on the go but this morning I opened an email from a friend asking if I would be prepared to make her a drawstring purse to replace a recently lost one so it became a project for this afternoon. I stitched some suede offcuts together to make a piece of a suitable size then backed it with calico before over-stitching a pattern using a thread in the colour of an adjacent piece (although the thread colours aren’t really obvious in the photographs). Using the suede gave me a chance to use my sewing machine’s walking foot for the first time and as they say, it did just what it says on the tin!

The drawstrings are two braid handles from one of those big bags that shops give you. I always use the bag to hold our waste paper, and the braided cord handles are kept because they always seem too good to just toss. Two of them were just the right size for the drawstrings and I stitched a patch of leather at the ends to provide a finger-hold.The red and white lining is quilting cotton.




2 Responses to “drawstring purse”

  1. allison Says:

    nice colours what is the red fabric on the back?

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