needle cases

I haven’t owned a needle case for many years but was tempted to make one after seeing a lady use one at the monthly Janome owners’ club meeting this Thursday. My first attempt was larger I think than the one I saw and it’s a tad too big for lugging around although it will keep a goodly supply of hand needles identified and within easy reach. The embroidery for the type of needles was executed without much thought or template whilst watching television (you can tell, can’t you?) but I can’t be bothered to undo it all. At least with them marked this way, selecting the correct needle for a specific task should be easier. We’ll see. I also cut out a small triangular piece of card and marked it with the type and sizes of the particular needles in that section, then slipped the card into the relevant felt pocket but I’ll not sure if that will prove to be helpful. If anything, I’ll just forget that the cards are there!

Here’s a couple of questions for all you sewers out there: In a multi-pack of needles marked sizes 3 – 9, how many different sizes are included and how many needles of each size are there?




The little case was made yesterday as a test for a smaller sleeker version and to double as a fob for scissors, but the thickness of the felt plus fabric at the folds means that the triangles don’t line up with each other the way I wanted them to when it’s closed. I’ll work on a solution to that problem and hopefully make another better and more colourful version to show you later this week. Those ‘blue’ stitches on the tree are actually shades of green, believe it or not!



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