Sonata lap frame

My embroidery lap stand arrived on Thursday and I was using it by the afternoon. I haven’t quite gotten the hang of sewing with two hands yet but practice will win out I’m sure. I finished Chives on it late Thursday evening but couldn’t post photos yesterday as I had a long-awaited enjoyable day of retail therapy with the glamorous S.



The stand I bought was a Sonata Seat Frame from Siesta Frames Ltd. The illustration on the box shows the stand to be stained a darkish brown colour but you can see from the photos below that the one delivered to me was not stained or varnished at all but I prefer it that way. The box wording states that the frame is of ‘hardwood’ construction, but the swivel arm looks like a softwood pine and the base appears to be MDF with a thin wood veneer finish to the top and bottom but I don’t mind, I bought it for its usefulness, not its looks.

The smaller images give an idea of how adjustable the stand is. It’s just as easy for a left-hander (me) to use as for a right-hander; the swivel joint that holds the clamp arm moves away from and towards the base in a generous arc; you can rotate your hoop to get to the back of your work by loosening the rectangular block screw at the back of the lower jaw; the frame height is adjustable and the support rod for that can be turned in a full circle if need be.

I wasn’t sure if I could use this stand comfortably while sitting back on the settee but it was fine. I also tried it whilst sitting on a straight-back dining chair and just perching it on the table, both of which were OK too. I think this might be one of those things that after you’ve had it for a while, you wonder how you ever managed without one!DSCF3001 lap-stand

6 Responses to “Sonata lap frame”

  1. opusanglicanum Says:

    I have two floor standing frames, as I’ve never liked hoops at all, but it’s getting very hard to find them these days, they seem to have fallen out of fashion

    • crunchnrustle Says:

      One of the biggest drawbacks of a floor-standing frame is the amount of space it takes up and in our smallish UK homes, that might be one reason why they’re out of fashion. I could only find a couple of UK firms that make and/or supply them but if no-one wants them, the companies will stop making them. Thanks for following my blog, your own work is inspiring.

  2. Allison Says:

    chives look really great

  3. e1aine Says:

    Love the chives. I once tried Brazilian 3D embroidery but I was pretty rubbish at it. I shall show my friend (and teacher) the frame, she’ll like that.

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