a little fluff and nonsense

I know that my version of Santolina isn’t true to nature and only partially true to Sachiko’s Marimoto’s instructions. I did use Turkey knot-stitch as specified, but the stitch is new to me and my brain couldn’t quite work out how to flip the right-handed method shown in a U-tube video, to a left-handed version that I could easily sew and I don’t suppose it helped that I was watching  Sean Connery pretending to be a Russian submariner at the same time. I practiced the stitch a lot but each time I thought I’d reached the Eureka moment, I lost my rhythm and forgot whether I was supposed to be doing a loop or a back stitch. Uncut Turkey knot-stitch is ideal for interpreting Santolina flower heads but instead of unpicking, I trimmed and fluffed them up and preferred the stitch that way but instead of Santolina I think I now have Knotweed!


4 Responses to “a little fluff and nonsense”

  1. allison Says:

    they look lovely and soft and downy

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