On Tuesday I’d finished sewing another stumpwork face but several attempts at dressing the neckline have all been discarded so it’s been put to one side until I get a lightbulb moment.

On Wednesday from the library in town I borrowed 4000 Flower and Plant Motifs, A Sourcebook, by Graham Leslie McCallum. Yeah, yeah, I know I recently most vehemently stated that it would be a long long time before I embroidered any more plants, flowers, or leaves but I had to be busy with something stitchy while I mull over the stumpwork glitch so here’s an interpretation of a Chinese tree illustrated in the book. The ground fabric is a scrap of furnishing fabric, rather than calico which is my usual fabric of choice.

Of course, I’m now in the same place I was before I started this tree but I expect that I’ll begin and finish a few more pieces yet before I solve my stumpwork dilemma.DSCF4087


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