a house on the hillside

My laptop of six and a bit years has been playing up recently. It’s been extremely noisy and also shutting down suddenly for no apparent reason and on Monday afternoon it refused to recognise my camera card or even the smart card drive itself. I knew that was a sign of imminent total failure so yesterday I replaced it.  I intended to buy another laptop but the screens are all small these days so I bought a desktop pc with a large monitor instead. Since then I have spent several hours coming to grips with Windows 8.1 and transferring software and documents. I had totally forgotten how many cables a desktop pc needs! Had I given them any thought at the time of purchase, I possibly would have bought another laptop but all is now forgiven cable-wise as I managed to tidy them all away and I have to admit that the large monitor screen is wonderful.


I came across this 2.5 ” x 3.5″ piece of embroidery following a little re-arrangement of things in order to accomodate the new pc. I seem to remember that I used the front of a greetings card as my inspiration. I doubt that I would be able sew so many tiny stitches these days without the use of a magnifying lamp but I don’t suppose there’s any shame in that.


3 Responses to “a house on the hillside”

  1. Allison Says:

    this is pretty

  2. opusanglicanum Says:

    there are some nice textures in there

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