pins and needles

Months ago, during an internet trawl for something completely unrelated, I saw miniature pin cushions made with a plastic bottle top for the base. Hmmm. Something quick and easy to do I thought, except I didn’t have any spare bottle tops at the time and then I forgot about the whole idea. Until Monday, when I was doing the weekly re-cycling, found three different sized tops and made two pin cushions my project for yesterday. The one with all the French knots was made from a shallow milk bottle top and I included a little magnet inside the base which worked like a dream until I added the felt base. I’d forgotten to take that into account. Lesson learned! I stuffed the larger one with silk wadding from an old quilt and the smaller one with wire wool which is supposed to help keep needles and pins sharp but which is difficult to stick a needle into if the cushion is stuffed too firmly – like mine is. I haven’t made the third pin cushion yet (how many does one woman need for goodness sake!) but the first two have shown me better ways to do some of the construction which should make number 3 a doddle to make. I’ll let you know!







2 Responses to “pins and needles”

  1. Allison Says:

    I like the first one, really pretty

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