feeling better

Today I am feeling much better and I’ve hardly coughed at all. I’ve even been thinking of needles and threads and possible projects that I might sew or embroider. Today also, our internet connection suddenly re-established itself, after nearly a week of sulking and refusing to play. I neither know what caused the outage or the sudden reconnection, but I do know that this problem is occurring more and more. Another annoyance is that each time the telephone is answered, the internet connection drops out (when we have one that is). A check on the Virgin website via my unreliable phone showed that they were not reporting any faults but nothing I did with our modem fixed the problem. I was not best pleased to discover that we’ve been paying Virgin for our broadband internet service for the past eight years but according to their website, they don’t actually provide internet services to our postcode area! Who has been our internet provider then???  This week’s outage along with all the previous outages has made us consider a swift switch to BT,  in the hope that they can give us a speedier, more dependable service. It certainly can’t be any worse than it is. Can it?

As a result of not logging on to Feedly when I was with Big Sis, followed by several days when I just felt too unwell to sit at a computer, plus a week being denied internet access of any kind, I have 409 blog posts to catch up on.  Those will keep me busy for a while.

This embroidery of tansy was started on my journey northwards and completed before starting on the little buildings. I thought I might turn it into a slip cover for a notebook at some future date. Or not.  The towers piece was a stitch and colour trial for the buildings but I like it better than the tansy.



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