Flickr problem

I got the ‘welcome’ email from Stitchin’ Fingers and I’ve been diving in and out of the site all morning, setting up my own page as crunchnrustle, joining the stumpwork and machine embroidery groups, and having a thorough look around. To save bandwidth, they suggest that you link a Flickr account which also means no upload limit. I duly set up a Flickr account went back to Stitchin’ Fingers, and a few mouse clicks should have enabled a link between the two but for some reason, instead of being taken to Flickr to begin downloading, all I got was a line of code error which I don’t understand and have no idea what to do about it. I’ve tried logging in and out of both accounts, restarting my computer, updating Firefox, clearing caches, and anything else I could think of but I get the same error each time and I can’t find anything on the Stitchin’ Fingers site about this so maybe it’s just me!  I have asked for help from SF by way of a discussion but it’s soooooo frustrating meantime. I was able to upload five photos – the maximum daily allowance using their direct upload method but then the Flickr option was suddenly no longer available – hopefully not for good but if I continue to get errors it won’t matter anyway!


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