It’s been a strange couple of days stitchingwise. Having been all enthusiastic over the stumpwork portraits, I suddenly find myself unwilling to begin another just yet and can’t figure out why but with fingers twitching to do something, yesterday I began making a little doll based on Salley Mavor’s Felt Wee Folk. I am only using her methods as a jumping-off point so my version will be bigger (and less professional) but embroidering the jacket yesterday kept me busy for a while and was relaxing to do. If I finish this little person and she looks half decent, I’ll post more photos.

distraction doll

I found these Crafter’s Commandments yesterday on the side bar of this blog during an internet trawl.


I had not come across these before and I have to admit to being particularly guilty of number 11! What about you?

4 Responses to “distracted”

  1. allison Says:

    yes, have drawers full of bits of string, bits of odd shaped plastic, cardboard, thread cuttings, etc, etc,etc. Are you saying you’re not supposed to buy things just because they are a nice colour or they may come in usefull in the far distant future?

  2. juniperberry27 Says:

    It’s 1 and 2 for me!!

    L x

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