fabric pots

I currently have a book on on loan from my local library on how to make fabric coil pots. I had never attempted fabric pot making before but the process looked very easy so this morning I had a go and had such fun that this afternoon I made another one. The smaller one is 15cm wide at the brim and 5cm high with a core of double thickness jute twine. The bigger one is 10cm high and 24cm wide with a core of plastic cord. I’m going to give them both a coat of watered down PVA glue to stop any future fraying although this is not suggested in the book. After that I just have to decide what they could be used for!DSCF9059


4 Responses to “fabric pots”

  1. littlefelthouses Says:

    Did you find a difference between the jute twine and plastic cores? Was one better to work with than the other?

    • crunchnrustle Says:

      I wouldn’t say that one was any better than the other but the twine being of a small diameter has made the pot thinner while the thicker plastic core has given the larger pot more stability and thickness. Different fabrics would affect the outcome too.

  2. juniperberry27 Says:

    Christmas presents! Perfect x

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