is it enough?

I have a hankering to add a field mouse or more cow parsley to this landscape but sometimes it’s difficult to know when enough is enough. I’ll put it away until tomorrow and think again. Any opinions to share?


6 Responses to “is it enough?”

  1. littlefelthouses Says:

    Make two ‘L’ shaped pieces of paper or card and place around your work, frame it. Sometimes it helps to reduce it to the actual image to see if more is needed or not. Hope this helps.

    • crunchnrustle Says:

      Thanks. I do use the card framing technique often but I didn’t have my L cards to hand before I posted yesterday! I like to get other folks’ thoughts too – makes me feel less like I’m sewing in a void…

  2. allison Says:

    A little mouse would be nice.

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