the view today

This is the early morning extremely foggy view from my window today. It’s just after 5.30am and I’m already on my second mug of tea. Slightly anxious I suppose, about the laser eye surgery I’m to have later this morning to correct some leaky spots in my left eye. Whilst I’m waiting at the clinic, I plan to do some zengtangling until the eye drops kick in. When they do, I resemble a vampire and can no longer focus sufficiently to see pen marks on the paper. After that happens I’ll just concentrate on steady breathing to try keep me calm.



2 Responses to “the view today”

  1. littlefelthouses Says:

    Hope everything goes very well for you. I try to think about happy things and what the next project might be when I’m in stressful situations. And remember to breathe.

    • crunchnrustle Says:

      Thank you! After a wait of over an hour, the actual procedure took only 10 minutes or so and it was completely painless. A checkup in 3 months time will confirm success or the need for more laser zapping!

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