demo pot

Tomorrow is the day that the monthly Janome owners group meets and I’ll be attempting to demonstrate how I make the fabric pots. I made this one yesterday to show how easy it is to incorporate a little variety. Except that’s not quite true. I had something completely different in mind when I began it – this is just what it morphed into when I realised I wouldn’t have enough of the fabric to complete my original idea. When I was taking the photo earlier, the shape reminded me of the church collection plates I remember from my childhood. Do they still use collection plates in churches? I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that you can pay through Paypal or Mastercard these days.

I’ll be using my own sewing machine at the group meeting and then leaving it behind for a proper service. What will I do without it for possibly two whole weeks????

demo pot

This is post number 300 and it’s taken me longer to get here than I thought it might but it’s another milestone of sorts I suppose. Many thanks to all of you who continue to follow me and particularly to those who take the time to write comments  – it’s all appreciated, I assure you.

2 Responses to “demo pot”

  1. allison Says:

    yes but they are made from silver or brass

I like it when people write to me

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