the good and the bad

The good: I collected my newly-serviced sewing machine late on Saturday afternoon and it seems to be running even quieter than I remember it did when I first used it nearly two years ago. It’s almost purring. The service man also filed away the nicks and gouges that the needle-plate had sustained over the past few months of abuse from me. No before and after images so you’ll just have to take my word for it that the needle-plate looks almost as good as new.

The bad: I’m normally extremely careful when using blades of any description but yesterday all my normal caution went awol when a stubborn nub of twiggy wood refused to be removed. I knew I shouldn’t be cutting by pulling the craft knife blade towards me, of course I knew it, and of course it slipped. The blade first removed the nub on the twig and then continued on its speedy path right into my right thumb and index finger. There then followed a sharp intake of breath. Then there was swearing. Then a grab for a handful of tissues. Then more swearing. There was blood. Lots of blood, and a large flap of flesh along one side of the thumbnail where there shouldn’t be a flap at all. I thought that a trip to A&E for stitches might be in order but once the wound was cleaned, dressed and had stopped bleeding some time later, I decided against it and took my mind off it for the rest of the evening by watching lots of episodes of House of Cards. I show you only a photograph of the flowers I made from the twigs, not of the injuries – I’m too ashamed.

felt flowers

4 Responses to “the good and the bad”

  1. e1aine Says:

    Sorry about your hand – we’ve all done it.

    Lovely flowers though.

  2. allison Says:

    like the flowers too bad about the paw.

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