tea and coffee pots

Making fabric coffee pots, tea pots, and cups and saucers from heavy duty interfacing sandwiched between various fabrics to use in a display seemed like a good idea when I first thought of it but now I’m not so sure. The tea pots are roughly 10cm high, the coffee pots 12cm. After I’d stitched them all, I stiffened a couple with PVA glue but the fabric puckered as the glue dried and spoiled them I think and one that I sprayed with starch now refuses to uncurl and appears in the photo to be mishapen (the gold one bottom right). Perhaps there are too many patterns or the patterns are too big? Should the same fabric have been used throughout? Perhaps the cups and saucers are too big relative to the size of the pots? In any case, until I finally decide what to do next with them I’ve stuck them to the wall at the work room door so that I will have no ‘out of sight, out of mind’ excuses for this project to remain unfinished. Excuse the quality of the picture – the light is very poor today.




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