3 little birdies

I made this piece of fabric yesterday from some of the scraps left over from the latest felt flowers I made the other week. Of course, once the fabric was made I didn’t know what to do with it (so what’s new?!). Then I read this post on Gina Ferrari’s blog Fan My Flame and decided my ‘new’ fabric would be ideal for making some birdies of my own so that’s what I’ve done today. I’d cut and sewed around the edge of the bird body circles before I remembered that I hadn’t taken a reference photo of the fabric so just laid them back in place.


felt scrap fabric


3 birdies


8 Responses to “3 little birdies”

  1. littlefelthouses Says:

    Very cute. It is fun what you can do with just a simple circle.

  2. Diana Studer Says:

    a little family. Delightful.

  3. allison Says:

    these are good

  4. ginaferrari Says:

    They are lovely! Thanks for sharing x

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