a mixed bag this week

OK. So I said that I was either going to take the painted tower apart and rebuild it, or make a new one. The coin toss came down in favour of a new one so I began painting fabric to use as the walls but didn’t care for the colour it dried to and after free machine embroidering an indication of a few bricks, I realised that they would need to be much smaller than I had made them. I also then knew I’d get bored sewing the same things repeatedly over such a large area so I’ve given up on them for the time being:


After that I cut off the two layers of interfacing that hadn’t been stitched and just free machine doodled for few hours. This was more enjoyable! When I ran out of usable stitching area, I took a photograph and used Photoshop Elements instead of colouring with paint or crayons, thus avoiding another actual painting failure. It was only just before I stopped for dinner that I realised I could add texture as well as colour (see green leaves at top right). Too bad I didn’t add some to the flowers which are quite flat looking! Click the image a couple of times if you want a closer look:

stitch doodles 3

I’ve been meaning to show these presser feet for a while. I bought the two metal ones online at a ridiculously low cost from two different suppliers. (The non-metal foot is the standard darning/free motion foot for my low shank machine). I reckoned that if they didn’t fit my Janome or caused problems of any kind then I hadn’t wasted lots of money. Well, they do fit and they do work well and I’m extremely pleased with them as I can see much more of the stitching area (which was the hopeful reason for buying them). I haven’t worked out what the notch on the closed foot is for and there was nothing online to explain it. Anyone out there know?

presser feet



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