fast piece applique

Ever on the lookout for something new to try, I was browsing through my Quilting Arts book and found Rose Hughes writing on how to fast piece appliqué a landscape quilt and realised that I had watched her YouTube video on the technique a while ago: Her method looked fairly easy so with the the book to hand yesterday, I gave it a go.

quilted leaf

Rose recommends that the shapes are simplified but obviously I didn’t heed her advice since there isn’t a simple shape to be seen in my leaf. Freezer paper is used for the shapes template and this remains on the pieces even when overlapping one piece to another and also when stitching them together. My iron was certainly well used yesterday! The raw edges are trimmed back on the top only and once all the pieces are stitched together, the stitching lines are couched over with fancy yarns to hide the raw edges. Still with me? The video makes more sense! I don’t do fancy yarns so I just pinned my trimmed and stitched leaf to the background and then free machine stitched along each join, followed by double thread satin stitching to cover the mess I made of the first stitching.

Not having pieced a quilt in the traditional way I’m in no postion to critique Rose Hughes’ method but I’m glad I tried it and particularly glad that my leaf ( approximately 12″ x7″) wasn’t any smaller but I’m not sure that I’d use this method again. My first go-to these days tends to be fusible web which leaves a neater edge for satin stitching over if I want to.



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