portrait quilt 1st stage

Big sis brought me some family photographs on her last visit here and amongst them was one of my favourites – my mother aged 21. It took me several days to work out the best method of making an appliquéd portrait quilt of the photograph and what fabrics to use and so on. On Saturday I numbered all the individual pieces on my master drawing and then traced them before copying them onto fusible web. Yesterday I ironed the fusible web to my fabric selections and then cut out all the pieces. Most of this afternoon has been spent assembling and layering the pieces into a recognisable picture and then fusing everything to the background. The next stage will be done on my sewing machine and by hand but just for a change I’m going to think carefully about how I do those, and not rush. The actual colours in the quilt are not quite as washed out as they appear in the image below – I don’t know what went wrong with that!

stage 1

4 Responses to “portrait quilt 1st stage”

  1. juniperberry27 Says:

    Brilliant J, can’t wait to see it all stitched…..as you can see have found my way back on to this blog thingy!

  2. Su Says:

    Wow! That’s phenomenal! It could quite easily be a self portrait. It’s fantastic xx

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