portrait quilt 2nd stage

I stitched all the fused appliqué pieces to the background with a straight stitch and I free motion stitched over the main face pieces a few days later but this additional stitching made Mum look extremely old and wrinkly (which she certainly wasn’t at aged 21!), so next day I unpicked all the unintended wrinkles, pressed out all the needle holes and left it for a day or two.

Yesterday I added a little hand stitching to highlight the eyes. Today I didn’t like the amount of fraying that was increasing each time I worked on this quilt so I went round each piece with a small zig-zag stitch and I think that was a better choice.

My quandry now is what kind of free motion stitching to use on the background fabric. I think it needs to be something smallish or possibly nothing at all. Grateful for any suggestions from any quilters out there.



stage 2-2


2 Responses to “portrait quilt 2nd stage”

  1. allison Says:

    looks good does it need quilting round the outside fabric?

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