tasseled box

This box is based on one from Janet Edmonds book on Embroidered Boxes. I’d had this book reserved at my local library since March but a recent enquiry as to its whereabouts revealed that it has been ‘borrowed’ permanently by someone. Grrrr. Fortunately I was able to source a copy from Oxfam in Dunstable via Amazon which arrived beautifully wrapped and in less time than I’ve been waiting for the library copy. I didn’t add as much bling as the boxes in Janet’s book appear to have simply because I didn’t have supplies of suitable bling to hand and I was impatient to make a box. The construction method was slightly different to what I’ve used before and the box was not as firm as I thought it might be but the lack of additional layers of braids and bling might be to blame for that. The feet aren’t visible in this picture but they’re button knots tied in lengths of rat tail cord. The box is approximately 5.5″ tall at the peak of the lid.  The sun has hardly shone this week so this is the best photograph so far.

tasseled box

5 Responses to “tasseled box”

  1. an old wip chest | carvingtimefromlife Says:

    […] I had made the tasseled box in June I began making a chest with a curved lid from the same book. I was very enthusiastic in the […]

  2. e1aine Says:

    It doesn’t need the bling, it’s lovely.

  3. allison Says:

    this is lovely probably has enough bling, anymore and the bling wears the box.

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