Mad Hatter

The Mad Hatter is my current evening stitching piece but I can’t say that I’m enjoying much of it. Not long after I began it I altered the original outline drawing and unpicked several hours worth of black stem stitch in favour of a slightly less severe grey. I don’t like the style of the hand holding the teacup so until I rejig that, it will remain unstitched. To prevent me from discarding the whole thing, I moved on to colouring the trousers and once more unpicked several trials of different filler stitches before settling on the ubiquitous satin stitch. I may end up as mad as the hatter at this rate. He will however serve as a means to while away some of the seven hour long journey on the train next week when I go beyond-up-north to visit Big Sis.

The multi-coloured fabric you can see behind the hoop is a small fabric chest which I am about a third of the way through making. It needs a little oomph of a contrast colour on the yet-to-be-appliquéd panels or on the background fabric itself but the jury’s still out on what that should be.

mad hatter

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