the mad hatter 2

My mad hatter embroidery kept me busy not only during my train journey but for many more hours during my visit to big sis, particularly on the (more than a few) rainy days we experienced north of the border.

I often find that looking at a piece as a photograph rather than the actual piece itself can help me see what isn’t quite right or what is missing but I think this now only needs a little further tweaking. The size of this is A4 and the stitches used include satin, stem, straight,chain, seeding, ermine, long and short, and back.

mad hatter

9 Responses to “the mad hatter 2”

  1. cross stitch progress | carvingtimefromlife Says:

    […] is the 150th anniversary of the book being written. This had nothing to do with my rendition of the Mad Hatter – I did it simply because I liked the original image and wanted something to while away a […]

  2. Cath Says:

    Love this piece. Great variety of stitching effects and the colours pop.

  3. e1aine Says:

    Forgot to say – I love the Mad Hatter!

  4. e1aine Says:

    Taking a photo is a fantastic idea. Often when I am unhappy with a piece I just take it apart immediately, unsure as to what is wrong. When I remake it, same problem – but I often notice flaws in photos and know examctly what I don’t like. Thanks for the tip.

  5. Allison Says:

    he is great, love him.

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