cross stitch progress

A progress update and a discovery. The discovery was made when stitching more of the cross stitch piece this afternoon and it is that I can’t always seem to easily place the needle through the appropriate hole in the aida when coming up from the back.  Perhaps this is common with cross stitch but I don’t like this aspect of it! I didn’t do any cross stitch yesterday as I spent a lovely day in Oxford with my friend Moonpenny and today my feet attest to the fact that we walked and walked and walked around for hours. We kept seeing displays in shop windows about Alice in Wonderland but didn’t know why. An online search revealed that this year is the 150th anniversary of the book being written. This had nothing to do with my rendition of the Mad Hatter – I did it simply because I liked the original image and wanted something to while away a long journey with.

This morning I went to view “Bags, Bonnets and Books”, an exhibition of work by members of the Stroud branch of the Embroiderer’s Guild. I have no idea who did what as the sheets which would have told me had still not been delivered by the time I was leaving. The work was beautiful nonetheless and gave me several ideas. The exhibition runs until Friday so I might go back again for a second look!

cross stitch 2


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