cross stitch finished

Well, that’s the White Village completed and I like the end result. I also like that I now have cross stitch out of my system and I won’t need to do any more in the foreseeable future!

cross stitch 3

For my next venture I’m thinking of making a book along the lines of those I saw at the Stroud Embroiderer’s Guild exhibition this week and today my copy of Under The Cover by Frances Pickering arrived this morning, just two days after ordering it. I’ve not made a mixed media type of book before and I’ve only had a quick skim through the book as yet but I’m sure it’ll be extremely useful. Unusually for a craft-type book, every page is photographs of book pages and covers made by Ms Pickering rather than being mainly text with accompanying photos and diagrams. That was a surprise, albeit a pleasant one. Neither are there instructions as such, just plenty of hints and suggestions hand-written over and around the images. A good variety of ideas to consider so I hope I don’t get bogged down in the preparation thought process and never get around to making a book!

Under The Cover


5 Responses to “cross stitch finished”

  1. snoopysgranny Says:

    I blogged about the whole process of making my fabric book so I hope you’ll take a look. Since that last blog post I lost my creativity and interest but I have stitched something since and I intend to blog about it soon. I’ll be taking a closer look at your blog too!

    • crunchnrustle Says:

      I confess to reading through your blog this morning and I enjoyed what I read so I’ve added your to my Feedly and any future posts will appear there. I hope you won’t wait too long to post again! What you wrote about the book making was very helpful and I wasn’t surprised to read that the book was well received at the exhibition!

  2. Mary Conn Says:

    I made a fabric book around Feb 2013 inspired by Frances Pickering and her books.
    Thank you for your comment on the owl I made. I haven’t been blogging for a while!

    • crunchnrustle Says:

      I haven’t yet decided on a particular look (or content for that matter) for my book but instead of jotting down ideas etc, I’ve begun another embroidery! I hope you return to blogland soon – you’re a very talented lady and I can’t believe you haven’t made anything since you last posted in 2014!

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