an old wip chest

After I had made the tasseled box in June I began making a chest with a curved lid from the same book. I was very enthusiastic in the making of it for a while but then I realised that the background colour of the chest and those of the surface panels were just boring when together, individually acceptable but together – bleh. I had already made the panels so I kept tempting them to get together with the background by making little offerings of ribbons and cords in different colour combos and beads and bling too but it was to no avail. In digust I pushed all the pieces to one side on the work bench with only an occasional glance in their direction and got on with other things. They’ve been lying untouched for over a month now.

Three days ago I was colouring fabric with Derwent Inktense blocks and with nothing to lose, thought I’d colour the background of the chest while I was at it. Hey Presto! The new colour was a vast improvement on the original and yesterday I stitched the panels on. I expect know I’ll make other things before this is finished but at least my enthusiasm for this chest has been re-kindled.



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