wheatfield and wild flowers

Hadn’t realised that it’s been nine days since my last post here but I’m busy with several stitchy things this week as well as getting to grips with a new mobile phone plus making a new cover for it, downloading some drawing apps, Instagram, Dropbox, and realising how far my techno skills have slipped over the last four or five years. I don’t believe that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, I just think it takes longer. A lot longer.

The least interesting thing I’m busy with this week is taking up trouser hems so I’ll say no more on that subject.

On my embroidery hoop is a slight variation of ‘August’ from Lala Ward’s 1989 Countryside Embroidery Book. I made several attempts at stitching the wheat like Lala’s version of small satin stitches over ‘bump’, which according to the book is the technical name for the soft cotton thread used for padding. I didn’t much like the look of the finished wheat in the book and even after trying the suggested method on a few stalks of wheat I liked it even less so gave up on the ‘bump’ altogether and interpreted the wheat my own way. What with all the stitch trials and drawing my own mouse to suit the reduction in the wheat size, it’s taken more than ten hours to get this far, so goodness knows when it’ll get finished.



The last thing I’ve been playing around with is a mixed media piece – a calico ground fabric with scraps of fabric, ribbons, braid, string, crochet cotton, and threads added by hand and machine stitching. The thicker threads and yarn were also used as bobbin threads and machined with the reverse side of the fabric uppermost. Diluted acrylic gesso was scraped all over the surface and when dry, acrylic paints were applied to suggest plant life and sky. I think there’s room to add a few more plants etc but I’ll let it swill around in my brain for another day or two.

wild flowers


4 Responses to “wheatfield and wild flowers”

  1. Mary Conn Says:

    I HATE taking up trouser hems! Your mixed media piece is gorgeous and looks very suitable for a fabric book page:)

    • crunchnrustle Says:

      I had to re-do one lot of hems because I miscalculated – even after measuring twice! I hadn’t thought about what I might do with the wild flowers piece but a book cover might be just the ticket – thanks for the idea!

  2. sewinggoddess Says:

    I love your stuff! Beautiful!

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